With over a decade of existence under our belt, CJRTec is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of clicker press machine in the US. Our line of presses for sale comprises of swing arm press, traveling head press, receding head press and beam press among others. Our clicker die cutting press is being marketed at a competitive price, a one-year warranty, as well as after-sales services.

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We also offer clicker machine parts and accessories to enhance the main attributes of your clicker press. Just like atom press parts being outsourced all throughout the US, Asia and Europe, our ultimate goal is to serve our customers with the best, high quality and durable industrial die cutting machine.

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Before purchasing a die cutter, bear in mind that there are many factors to consider. First, it is best to look for a professional clicker die maker so he can help you with building the right die that fits your material. Thick materials need a sharper and bigger die so it can cut through properly. When it comes to easy cutting, that is the time you will need our automatic die cutting press. The great news is we offer test cutting services for our customers. Just send us your die and material to find out which machine is suited for you. A manual clicker press like the swing arm may do small jobs but for bigger production, a CNC is highly recommended. It will help you do the operation with less human supervision while improving the quality of end-products.

At CJRTec, in partnership with USABotics, one of the pioneers in US robotics, we also offer robotic systems that can be integrated to any hydraulic die cutting machine. A robot can completely replace human labor in repetitive pick and place tasks, saving the company unnecessary labor expenses. This year 2018, we have started releasing our line of collaborative robots, gantry, picking, palletizing, welding, and scara robotic arms. It is one of CJRTec's visions to help companies lower the cost-per-piece of their products so they can supply cheaper merchandise to American retail stores. We want America to become on top of the manufacturing industry and we take pride of doing this duty.

There are many opportunities for your manufacturing company when it comes to automation and technology. You just have to know the best options and be able to choose the most fitting automatic solution for your business needs. Contact us now and we will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries.